Technical Design Drawings & Build


  • Hospitality, residential, Corporate and Retailer Conceptual Designs and Documentation;
  • 3D Space Planning;
  • Expansion, space distribution and function;
  • Space and area lighting;
  • Reconfiguration;
  • Costing.

Our design team embodies DESIGN CONCEPTS. Every Customer’s requirement is personal to us. We, at PIVOT DESIGN explore the vision our customer has, create sketch layouts and add elements to create environments that meet strategic business objectives. A representative will need to visit the location and procure the specs for the space to maximize our design based on the floor plan.

We make it our way to be hands on dynamic in handling every single detail we have on each project to give our customer a true feeling of what the final plan will look like. You can also select a set of colors or trends to incorporate into your project. We firmly believe good design stems from listening to a customer's requirements and adapting these in to a solid design concept to create a lasting impact unique to its mission.

Once the design is ready, reviewed and approved by the customer, PIVOT DESIGN starts the work. The team will adhere to the designs in place, while working within the budget that our customer has allocated. If there are concerns, we will bring it to your attention. Our purpose is to provide you with rapid and complaisant service that is free of surprises.

"The Key to great design is capturing the spirit of the customer and the essence of the space".